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This Is A New Traffic Generator Methode That Works,

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From the desk of:

Hi, this is Gilang Gumilar and Alex Malcolm. 

Let me ask you a question...
Do you feel alone in your Works for  generating more website traffic?
Does it seem like you're the only one struggling to get quality visitors to your web pages?
Let's face it, generating traffic is the #1 *most important* key component to your success or failure online.

It is SO vital in fact, that you won't make a sales without it.
No matter how great your web design or sales copy happens to be...
No traffic means no sales, its as simple as that!!.
Just like a physical store with no customers, if you don't have potential buyers coming to your website, you're doomed to fail.

Without traffic, you have nobody signing up on your list, and nobody to sell to, thus no way to make any money.
But rest assured, you are not alone.
Most people starting out online struggle to get targeted traffic, and this is why the majority are never able to generate an income.
But there is a solution to this growing problem...

All we need is a Leverage
Luckily, ..we have a Biggest Social Media, Facebook

Yup,Facebook as our leverage
But why..Here is the reason, fact about Facebook

facebook user
facebook daily user

Each of us has known that facebook is the world’s most popular social media site,.
And why we do not use that traffic to flooding your site instead ?

So..What is The Methode ??

After years of struggle and research the competition, we’ve finally got your hands on a winning product and offer! 

and this is a new Methode that help people generating traffic to grow  their businesses. . . 

A very simple Methode that works, that we use every time we log on to Facebook

If we use this simple Methode for Online Marketing, you can have a TONS of  FREE TRAFFIC 

Sit on your favorite chair, see this simple How-To-Do explanation


Here is the explain how does it works

1.Start it with  Your Offer

This is Old Methode that still works. You can give Freebie offer, Half Prize Cut offer , Promo code, Coupon code or anything you wants to attrack visitors attention first . . . 

If you  already had Online store, E-Commerce site, Blog, you can use This Methode to leverage more traffic 

2.Share it First 

If visitors see your offer. . . Interesting to get it,  but they   MUST SHARE  FIRST to facebook

We love to share..

Fact, your visitors will be happy to share it too 

3.Happy Visitors Get Your Offer

Then, after visitors share to facebook, ..they will redirected back to your  page ( offer page, discount page, Squeeze page  . . .you can redirect them anywhere you want,  A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E.. !!! )

Your Visitors happy   get your special offer from you and You hapy get a sales or maybe..BIG SALES..!!

This is a Win-win Solution

4.Viral Effect Methode

This is The Secrets Recipe..and this is the secrets why facebook growth fast

And, now you can have that power too !!

Every one know, If they Share on Facebook, it will delivered to their Friends wall feed !!

Imagine if their had 1000, 2000 or even 5000 friends

5.Changes Your Friends In To Traffic Generator and Customers

 The Power of Mouth Marketing . . 

After they shared, it will be shown on their wall

They  friends will be interesting on  what  friends shared, and..

Mostly, people are more trusted to buy if recommended or shared by his friends or what his friends used

So they Click on the offer.. and Shared it too!!, you have a tons of promotion traffic for FREE

This called Viralizing Traffic Methode

You, as the website Owner had more time  because now you have FREE TRAFFIC RESOURCE on your side

Now stop thinking about SEO, or  spending "more" on Ads.. 

Save your TIME and MONEY

Now, depending on you.. Traffic is not your biggest problem now

You can use it to SkyRocket your sales, or Boost your Leads

Traffic is in Your Hands !!

And the best of all, it works on AUTOMATE event when you are on Sleep !!

. . You will find your business working FOR you  . . . 

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.viral

How About Demo...


Product Brands Awarness

Make you brand KNOWN and GOING VIRAL by offering Special Price, Discount, Coupon Code, One Time Offer, Etc..
See Live Sample Here

optinLead Generators
After Shared You can REDIRECT traffic to Your Optin Page
See Live Sample Here
Note : See the Different Result By Check Your Facebook Wall



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